Hemp Victoria  became an incorporated not-for-profit association in February 2017 under the name the Industrial Hemp Association of Victoria and we are governed by the Associations Incorporated Reform Act 2012,  our Model Rules  and Code of Conduct.

The Associations objective is to to educate and inform the community at large about the differences between hemp and marijuana, the long history and many uses of hemp and the environmental significance of the cultivation and use of this one very versatile plant. While the status quo of it being a drug is slowly being recognised as false, trying to help re-establish an entire industry that has lied dormant for over half a century isn’t easy.

Our objectives forming our business plan are:

-  Increasing public awareness of the uses and benefits of hemp-based sustainable products

-  Providing an alternative and profitable cropping option for growers by facilitating the development of a hemp           industry in Victoria

-  Establishing, administering and developing state and national lobby groups for interface with government agencies

-  Facilitating knowledge exchange and information dissemination

-  Forming a foundation and ongoing commitment for a national Australian hemp association

-  Representing industry interests in matters of legislation and other grower, producer and end user issues, providing a strong industry voice

-  Fostering a national objective of developing an environmentally and economically sustainable industrial hemp                                            industry, creating markets and healthy competition

-  Supporting the development of new employment opportunities

We want to work in collaboration with all stakeholders to promote a profitable and sustainable alternative crop industry in Victoria through research, collaboration, lobbying, facilitation and information dissemination.

The aim is to represent Australian growers, processors, wholesalers, retailers, financiers and end users of industrial hemp products and arm them with knowledge, networking and ideas exchange to grow the Australian industry.

Partnering with industry leaders will ensure the Association can fulfill its objectives by providing up-to-date information on all areas of the hemp industry locally, nationally and internationally which will help grow membership of the Association to enable funds to continue collaborative work with all stakeholders. This will enable well informed, engaged stakeholders to drive the hemp industry while meeting the three pillars of sustainability: Environmental, Economic, Social. 

Meanwhile the US, Europe and Canada have taken a lead in researching and farming hemp and it’s showing no sign of slowing down. Australia is largely sitting on the sidelines but there is huge potential for hemp to impact Australia environmentally and economically. 


2019 - 2020 COMMITTEE



Darren Christie

Vice President


Steven Zheng




Vicki Stevens


An environmental advocate working to re-create a healthy planet, I have come to the hemp industry as a student of sustainable building design and business owner of a design and build company. My interest is in ethical, sustainable, low embodied energy, building materials and supply chains. This has led me to hempcrete among other building uses for this plant and it has me excited.

The environmental benefits of growing and using this super plant can’t be ignored due to the numerous applications it has. With climate change a real threat for future generations, this plant with its versatility and fast growth can and will replace many traditional crops for its fibre, food and medicinal uses.


With a Bch Property Development and Real Estate – Sustainable Development major, 10 years in business development and my passion for doing what is right by the planet, I bring a multitude of skills and knowledge to help drive and increase the uptake of hemp as a viable, environmentally and economically sustainable industry of the future. 



Ron Lloyd

General Committee


Christine Lloyd

Tom Kirkman